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Wintertime Specials Available Now!

  • Snow Plowing

  • Snow Removal

  • Salting & Sanding

For Business and Residential driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots, Acme offers complete snow plowing and removal services.

It’s a fact of life in Wisconsin: a blanket of new snow, maybe an inch, maybe a foot. Either way, it has to go, and Acme can handle it.

No need to call! We’ll get to work after the first inch of snowfall.

Our crews hit the road early each morning after another winter storm to quickly plow your business or residential property. We can blow, shovel, and salt your walkways, steps, entryways, and garage doors too. We’ll ensure that you—or your employees or customers—will have full access as soon as possible.

  • You know there’s another winter storm on the way—call Acme today!



Salt Service

Residential salt service $25 per day

 - for most residential 2-3 car garage

 -2-3 stops per day.1 am stop &1or2 pm

 - includes sidwalks

 - Corner lot with sidewalk +$5

Snow Clean up

Residential Snow clean up service* 

  1-4 inches  $35

 $10 per additional 3 inches over 4 inches.

 - for most residential 2-3 car garage

 - includes sidewalks

 - includes walkways

 - Corner lot with sidewalk +$10

- Salt upon request + $10

Ice clean up

Residential Ice Clean up service $100 

 - for most residential 2 car garage

 - Average length driveway

 - for .2 inches thick

 - includes sidewalks

 - Additional garage stall +$25

 - Corner lot with sidewalk +$25


Commercial Snow Removal

  • All parking lots and driveways will be cleared of snow

  • Steps, walkways, and loading docks can be shoveled or snowblown

  • Our crews will take care of any unfinished work left over by city plows or moved vehicles

  • We use environmentally-safe de-icers for salting

  • Seasonal contracts are available—call today for an estimate!


The Fine Print

We require a $250 deposit for residential customers. $50 will be reduced from each bill each month December thru March. 

Acme will automatically show up if there are more than 2 inches of snow.

Acme will automatically show up if there is precipitation and the temps are at or below freezing. We will apply salt/Sand to all driveways and sidewalks and walkways. Home owners can call stop salt application by previous request.

 You will be put on the permanent list for 2019/2020 once we receive your deposit.


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