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What You Need to Know

Acme Household Services provides a variety of Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, House, Deck, and Driveway Power Washing services in Southern Wisconsin. 

You’ll be amazed with the results we are able to achieve on your home, deck, patio, porch or driveway. We can even pressure wash your roof and gutters as well as boats and RVs.  You’ll love our fast response time, professional services, and our price. We are a local power washing company working in and around the neighborhoods we call home.





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House pressure washing removes dirt, grime, mold, pollen, and other unwanted ugly and unhealthy things from the exterior of your  home.

We use a combination of low pressure power washing with a special eco-friendly mix of cleaner (soap and chlorine) to get the best possible results. Your home is a valuable investment and we take our time to protect your property using only professional grade equipment. Our power washing cleaning process works well on vinyl, aluminum siding, hardiplank, brick, and other painted surfaces.

Pressure Washing Siding

Fiber composite siding tend to attract dust, mold, and stains which can make it look old and run down. Pressure washing can deeply clean siding to make it look newer and bright again. Cleaning your composite siding every year to remove mold, grease, and grime can keep it from becoming stains that may be difficult to remove later.

Power Washing Vinyl

Vinyl siding can grow mold, hold grime, and look old and worn. Pressure washing with the right cleaners can restore most vinyl sidings to look almost new. It is important to use the right mix of cleaner for vinyl siding because it is possible to damage your siding using the wrong chemicals. Because Vinyl siding can flex, you should set the pressure washing to a low setting to avoid cracking or damaging your siding.

Pressure Washing Brick

Brick attracts dirt, grime, and even moss can grow on brick causing discoloration. Pressure washing can be used to clean brick, especially the removal of dirt and mold between the bricks. To restore brick to its original beauty, it is important to thoroughly soak the brick and its mortar, apply cleaner, and give it time to loosen grime and kill the mold prior to washing away the grime.

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All estimates must be based on onsite visits. However, below is an approximate price range for aluminum and vinyl siding. (Wood siding price range based on onsite visit only.)

  • 1-Story, Front and Back — $175-$300

  • 1-Story Front, 2-Story Back — $300-$390

  • 2-Story Front, 2-Story Back — $375-$450

  • 3-Stories and above — price range based on onsite visit only

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Gutter Cleaning & Protection

All gutters need routine service to keep them functioning properly. That means cleaning at least once per year and providing repairs whenever they are needed. For more information, contact an expert today.  Most gutter cleaning jobs are done for $125.  Additional services available. Down Spout Protection and Gutter inserts available on request. Additional fees apply.  

Process for Gutter Cleaning

  • We clean out your gutters to make sure all debris is removed

  • Next, we check your downspouts and clean as necessary

When finished we haul away all debris from your property so that you don’t have to worry about it​



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